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UH Football wins 5th Straight Bayou Bucket

When you think of the University of Houston and Rice University squaring it off on the grid iron, it’s easy to believe the game could easily be one sided.  Houston fans would argue they have one of the best defensive linemen in the country in Ed Olivier, as Rice fans would argue they have what it takes to outsmart Houston’s run stop defense.

Houston started the game with an up-tempo offense, leaving the Rice Owls little time to rest defensively. They looked impressive in the first few plays, but had to settle for a 45-yard FG after dropping a much-needed pass on 3rd down.  Rice answered, testing the run stop defense, but later punted on their opening drive.

With Houston in possession and up 3-0 the Cougars looked good.  The up-temp offense was working, but Rice wasn’t letting up.  The Cougars went 3 and out on the 2nd drive.  Things looked evenly matched in the opening drive, but as the Owls settled down, they begin to adjust. Unable to extend 3rd downs the Cougars began to give up field possession as the Owls marched down field to score the first touchdown.

The first half was clearly in the Owls favor as they managed to stretch the lead to 10.

Houston finally woke up and managed to get things working in the 3rd quarter as they begin to find the endzone.  After taking the lead late in the 3rd quarter Houston wouldn’t look back.  Houston would go on to beat the Rice Owls 45-17 and claim the Bayou Bucket for the fifth straight time.