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Devon Achane Scores 7 Touchdowns in win

Devon Achane scores 7 touchdowns to lead his team to victory.  “I had to step up for my team. They needed me, and they called on me, so I had to do what I had to do.”  This game was a lot closer than Manvel would have liked.  Mavel gave up way more kick off returns than they wanted, and they paid dearly for it in the end.  With the clock going to 0 and the score tied, Manvel found themselves going into overtime against Fort Bend Marshall.  Fort Bend Marshall had just came off an overtime win in week 2 against Hightower HS.  But, in the end it would be Manvel victorious again with a scramble by none other than Devon Achane to seal the deal and help Fort Bend Marshall go on to beat Manvel 52 – 51.